Frances is an extremely insightful, knowledgeable and experienced psychotherapist and I have benefited hugely from her supervision over the last two years. She has a naturally warm, open and empathetic manner and has provided the right balance between challenging me to explore my work, guiding me towards new ideas and techniques (and, therefore, better practice) and supporting me, both as a trainee and as a person, behind that role. I much value her continued feedback, encouragement and faith in my ability: I still find myself reflecting on some of our sessions!


Supervision with Frances is always a positive experience; initiating growth, new directions to explore and allowing me to retain autonomy whilst participating in a rich and collaborative experience.

Participating in Frances’ workshops has broadened my outlook and brought colour and creativity to my work. I have learnt a great deal whilst feeling safe and nurtured – like a therapeutic warm hug! Elizabeth

Supervision with Frances has enabled me to have insight into how I work, a different perspective.. Working with blind spots and to explore these. A professional relationship supporting me and making sure I am working in a appropriate way with the client and myself within ethical standards. Helping me to develop my knowledge and understanding allowing me to grow in my own practice with my myself and my clients, the working alliance.

The workshops with Frances are always informative and address the subject, stimulating the imagination and creativity, for me unlocking my inner potential. They help me to draw my own inner self, and energise the self within. I always leave with a smile feeling relaxed and more aware of the subject and more able personally and as a counsellor.

Frances has supervised my clinical work as a Humanistic Counsellor for over three years now. In that time she has provided me with ideas and interventions from a number of theorists; including her specialist knowledge of the Creative Arts.

I consider that due to her depth of her experience, it has enabled me to work effectively with clients who present with challenging difficulties. In addition to this, Frances has a sound knowledge of the ethical framework and legal aspects to Psychotherapy and Counselling which is essential to any therapist.

Frances has also been a supportive supervisor in terms of my CPD and self-care, she has always encouraged and facilitated my development both as a Counsellor and as a person. In her supervision group she has always provided one other essential ingredient and that is a sense of humour.

Frances has been my supervisor for the past three and half years. She has always been there for me, encouraging and supporting, whilst also stimulating further exploration as required regarding client issues – I have greatly valued her challenging me, helping me to grow as a counsellor.

“I have attended two workshops which Frances has run, and I have found these both inspirational and energising, as well as very enjoyable. These have helped me to consider many ways of working with clients creativley, using a wide range of mediums